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A wide variety of Research Support Activities are available; support for Environmental Assessments including Biologic, Reef Assessment,  Bathymetry, Oceanographic, Geologic and Atmospheric including Upland Freshwater Rivers/Springs, Estuarine, Coastal and Off Shore.
The stable platform of this 26' Twin Vee Power Catamaran with Twin 150 Suzukis and an Enviromentally experienced Captain will assure that your project is accomplished with the care, documentation, safety and extensive level of detail required.  
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With over 20 years of experience in performing environmental assessments and remediations State-wide within Florida including Quality Assurance Officer with FDEP; assistance with all aspects of obtaining data and samples (sediment, surface water, ground water, bacterial, fish tissue and air samples, for example)
Pictures of grouper (goliath, gag and red), triggerfish, flounder, whiting and mullet
This Twin Vee (my third by the way) sports an exceptional ride; she can run at 45 mph; she is as comfortable running in 4' seas as in the flats.  Plenty of room to spread out equipment, store coolers and samples and stay organized.  Wet docked at Shield's Marina and ready to go at any time; I will also trailer the boat to any locations necessary for remote work. 
Goliath grouper 400 pounds
Mullet Whiting Bluefish from the Surf
Mullet, whiting and my boys
Grouper and Rock Bass
Gag and Red Grouper,
Gag Grouper
updated 10/04/08
If you are new to our area and/or a new boat owner and are looking to expand your enjoyment in our waters, please give me a call.  If you wish to become acquainted with a specific reach of our local waters, I am available to introduce you either on your vessel or mine.  These waters have something to teach us every day. I strive to continually learn new intricacies of our ecosystems on each and every trip.  Reflecting on yesterday's trip, I marveled at the spade fish feeding at the surface directly over an isolated reef.  I watched a king mackerel in its aerial feeding display.  I  studied three 5' barracudas under the boat and correlated how the grouper changed their feeding pattern in their shadowy presence.  A beautiful golden file fish with a tiny pilot fish cruised next to our boat oblivious to these swimming marauders.  I studied the small pod of 5 dolphins that escorted us keeping at 5 knots to see if I had met this family before.   

If I can assist with any research related activities in our local waters, please feel free to contact me, also.