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Fishing and Guide Service for Apalachee Bay
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I am available for shorter trips for Bird Watching, Photography or enjoying a Sunset Cruise.    If you would like to spend some time to familiarize yourself with our rivers and coast of the area please feel free to call.

Support for Kayak and Canoe Trips is avaialble.  Have you seen the Sea Kayak Route through Our Area?  Should you be planning a trip with a group through the Big Bend area and you would like assistance in reconning the area prior to your trip, transport of equipment, food/gear and safety considerations; please contact me.  I am experienced in kayak and canoe camping.  Support will be tide dependent; some areas (such as the Rock Garden/Aucilla River area where shallow navigation via motorized vessel has numerous hazardous approaches are completely tidal dependent.

Our area offers very good Scalloping and Shark fishing for small black tip sharks.  It is also a lot of fun to review what is in my Crab Traps and Pin Fish Traps.  It is not unusual to have eels, spider crabs and occasional small game fish along with the pinfish, grunts and squirrelfish, which we use for bait.

The Bird Watching and nature photography of our surrounding areas is incredible.  Have you visited the St. Marks Photography group; I enjoy a slow and quiet photography session down the river.  Sometimes you can see more on a slow drift than while motoring. 

I am available to assist you with a variety of issues on research of our coast and assist in documenting or writing articles for publication including obtaining special Scientific Collection Permits for justified research and educational efforts.

Critical Support for Activities involving Search and Rescue; Recovery, SCUBA (PADI certified) with support for Federal, State and Local Enforcement Agencies available.

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