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Freshwater Shiners for Saltwater Grouper Fishing (medium size file, slow to load):  I had a lot of fun with this article.  The bottom line is shiners work great.  FWC just doesn't know how to take me when I call them and ask them questions.  Thanks for your continued feedback and support, FWC.  Originally published in GAFF magazine.

The Catfish Antidote
Soon to be linked; this was a fun article that presents unknown facts and amusing information on the lowly catfish.  The most significant info is to pinch the anus area and rub this excretion on a fresh catfish scrap or puncture wound for immediate relief.

An Annotated Bibliography on Artificial Reefs
:  Soon to be linked; I co-authored this Sea Grant publicaiton in 1982 while working with Academic Dive at FSU; I reviewed and summarized over 1,000 articles on artificial reefs and placed in a data base.

How to Clean Triggerfish
:  Soon to be linked; this was a quick how-to article published in GAFF on cleaning triggerfish.

How to Make Your Own Buoys
:  Soon to be linked; this was a quick, how-to article published in GAFF on making a simple durable buoy via spray painting the inside, filling with expandable foam and tying on the appropriate line and weight.

Goliath Grouper Story(s):
  Soon to be linked:  this story was published in GAFF magazine, Jerry's Bait and Tackle and Georgia's Woods and Water and the Moultrie Advertiser.  Numerous other publications printed the pictures and story.

Stuffed Flounder:  Soon to be linked:  Cleaning and scalling flounder in preparation for a crab stuffed delight.
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All these articles are soon to be hot-linked for direct reference; in order to conserve the high resolution pictures of the articles some may take a few minutes to download.  I have tried to note which are larger files.  For use or reference of these articles, permission is most appreciated.
Fish Shrinkage:  This article was the first research paper that addressed the question of how much do fish from our local water's shrink upon being placed on ice.  I had a lot of fun in researching this information and shortly after my publication a research grant was funded by FWC to study this; I will publish on this page when this information is available.   As I was researching this article, I requested clarification from FWC on the numerous methods employed to measure fish.  Shortly afterwards the new 'tail pinch rule' was emplaced.  The article was also available on Jerry's Bait and Tackle page on Shrinkage.  This contents of this article was also published in a Danish Science magazine discussing the significance of fish shrinkage and additional opportunities for research.  I'll link to this Danish article shortly.
Making the Most of Your Smaller Catches (very large file - very slow to download:  I'm working on compressing it):  This article was submitted to GAFF and set for production twice; however it has not yet been released - as of 11-25-07.  I liked the overall concept and presentation of the article and I will re-write with emphasis for trout, grunt, rock bass, and some of the tastier and smaller fish of our area.
Whether to Weather the Weather - Or Not (large file - slow to download):  This article was originally published in GAFF magazine; however it was unfortunately published while it was still in the draft form due to publication deadlines.  I am planning on re-visiting this article with all of the e-links and enhancing with solunar determinations by February 2008.
Threading the Needle - Close Quarter Critical Navigation:  This  article was presented on Jerry's Bait and Tackle page as a pre-companion article to a Seminar I was requested to present on Close Quarter Critical Navigation in our coastal areas.  I used this article as a framework for a 2 hour powerpoint seminar with aerial photos, a variety of charts and presented gps limitations and techniques.  Our area has many unique navigational hazards.
Seminar on Close Quarter Critical Navigation: This seminar was presented in March 2007; the information was presented in a powerpoint slide show.  The interaction and information exchange with all of the various experienced anglers/boaters in the room made for a very positive interaction and exchange. 
updated 3-15-08
Removal of Grouper Throats and Cheeks:  If you haven't tasted the throats, cheeks and backbones of grouper, snapper, amberjack, cobia, or any large fish:  you would not believe what you are missing!  By using the total fish, it shows a respect for the resource.  This article was originally published in GAFF magazine.  This presented link is republished from Jerry's Bait and Tackle e-page.  Most recently Sport Fishing Magazine published a portion of this article and it was recently referenced in the NorEaster Fishing Links.  Thank you for all of the positive responses from cyber-anglers.
Short, Intermediate and Long Term Weather Determinations: This was a companion follow-up article to a GAFF magazine article (Whether to Weather the Weather - or Not) on reviewing weather in the Big Bend; I use these hot-links presented in this article to directly access the separate weather resources prior to my off-shore trips.