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Located near Tallahassee, Florida and Supporting the Surrounding Aquatic Areas
Our local waters produce an incredibe variety of sport and game fish including:  trout, redfish, spanish mackeral, tarpon, king mackeral, triggerfish, grouper (gag, red and goliath), amberjack, snapper, rock bass (black sea bass), flounder, grunt (white snapper), whiting, pompano, little tunny, blue fish, mullet and sharks.  Our waters also produce stone crabs, blue crabs and shrimp.  On a typical day we will see a wide variety of non-game fish such as pinfish, pigfish, squirrelfish, remoras and stingrays.  While traversing the National Wildlife Refuge, manatees, aligators, and a staggering variety of migratory and resident birds can be seen.  While on the water, we are often escourted by porpoises, large turtles surface about our boat and large manta rays are occasionally seen in their breath-taking aerial displays as they leap from the water.
Update 12/15/08
Apalachee Cat
Goliath grouper
Thank you for visiting SaltwaterNow's Partnership Information pages and we
appreciate your consideration with teaming and supporting the efforts of SaltwaterNow and St. Marks Wildlife Tours.

By way of introduction, as the primary contact, my name is Tony Murray: 
     *   I am an USCG licensed Captain,
     *   I am USCG Towing Endorsed,
     *   I assist TowBoat US with their operation in our local waters,
     *   I am an International Game Fish Association (IGFA) Certified Captain,
     *   I am a degreed Biologist (BS/FSU);
     *   I have authored numerous fishing articles (reference weblink);
     *   I am SCUBA (PADI Open Water) certified;
     *   I have, and continue to, perform environmental work for the last 20 years;
     *   I am Haz/Wopper (40 hour OSHA) certified for Hazardous Waste Work;
     *   I am First Aid/CPR/AED certified and a voluntary Drug Consortium Member;
     *   I have designed this website and all links;
     *   I continue to pursue my interests, knowledge, skills and abilities to focus
         on coastal and ocean conservation as the operator/owner of
The Apalachee Cat is moored at St. Marks and is readily available for fishing, research, diving and exploring the intricasies of our coast.
Including the Rivers of St. Marks, Wakulla, Aucilla, Ecofina, and the Ochlocknee to Apalachicola
Capt. Tony Murray with 400 pd grouper
Weather, Tides and Solunar                         
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NOAA Marine Forecast: 
              LOCAL SHARK CONSERVATION PROGRAM               
Shark Kids
The feedback and support has been extremely positive and highly encouraging.  As our efforts expand, business grows and these web pages continue to intertwine and develop, continual support through selective Teaming and Sponsorship has been recommended.

We have chosen to direct this program to focus on estuarine and marine conservation issues of our local waters.  This is one benefit of having implemented this program as local grassroots movement.  SaltwaterNow has developed to a level where we are seeking like-minded, environmentally endorsing corporate partners and sponsors.

Why Should Your Organization/Business Consider Teaming with SaltwaterNOW and these related educational and conservational programs?

Your Organization will benefit by both the e-traffic generated through this website and via SaltwaterNow's outreach efforts for our communities.  A wide variety of people always enjoy seeing pictures of fish, obtaining current boating and fishing information and seeing and experiencing current natural settings.  People enjoy reading these posted articles, checking our specific weather and obtaining the weekly update on tides and monthly updated solunar (fish feeding activity) tables.  We are receiving more and more e-traffic with follow-ups by the day!  Yes, even in these economic times.  

*  Your sponsorship will provide current, relevant and an environmental and conservational   
        committed presence in, with and for our communities through these visits to SaltwaterNOW;
     *  Our 'local community' is a world-wide reaching community and people look to Florida for guidance in
        environmental and conservational measures and specifically look to Tallahassee as the Capital;
     *  Between our numerous colleges, legislators, sporting events and our numerous phenomenal natural
        resources; we have a wide variety and diverse number of visitors from World-wide locations;
     *  Fishing, Boating, Wild Life Viewing, Photography, EcoTouring, Learning about local historical
        resources and related environmental and conservational factors attracts a large number of visitors.

We receive both returning visitors to check on the updates on our website and new visitors who are visiting this site via key word searches for fishing, environmental and conservational related resources in our area.  By presenting a diverse foundation such as Fishing, Kids Conservation, Writing Articles, Presenting Seminars and being involved within the environmental based programs of our area, your business will have a separate and supportive point of entry.

As of December 2008 (11 months), SaltwaterNOW has been visited by 27 Countries including the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Ecuador and Chile.  Within the United States, 44 States have visited SaltwaterNow's website of which only 3 states east of the Mississippi are yet to visit.  Within Florida, SaltwaterNow has received visits from 86 cities and 46 visits from cities from Georgia to date.  There is an average of 3.45 pages visited per site-visit with an average time on the site of 2:43.  These statistics are growing monthly!  

If you feel your Corporate presence would be a good fit with our initiatives at SaltwaterNow, let's discuss. 

What Are SaltwaterNow's Next  Initiatives that will require Sponsorship due to the continual and extensive time investment to keep these areas current and a locally used resource?

We will present a weekly update of best marine (daylight only) times to fish based on tides and
          fish and game activity based on the solunar and weather for the weekend;
     *   We will present a weekly boating updates for our direct community for the weekend:  A weekend
         water Forecast for Friday, Saturday and Sunday and special holiday events;
     *   We will establish a local real time weather station, as supported by a specific sponsor, that will present
         real-time weather information 24/7 accessible on this web site.
Partnership & Teaming  Information
If Boats, Fishing, EcoTours, Sharks, Water Quality, Ocean Conservation, Weather, Tides, Solunar Activity and Children's Education are aligned with YOUR COMPANY's market presence, please give us a call.
Conserve, Educate, Enjoy and Leave No Trace
We view the opportunity to enhance and support our local and global ecological marine environment as both a privilege and a responsibility.  The commitment and equipment required to be on the water while having a productive, learning and memorable experience while continually focusing on environmental marine issues is a challenging, dynamic and rewarding process.
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